Available for MacOS and Windows

The Rosetta Stone for
Guitar Music Theory

The ultimate reference tool for guitar notes and chords

AudioTheory Guitars is an interactive encyclopaedia for guitar chords, notes and scales. Each note reacts to your input across the customisable chord and fretboard diagrams. If you're just starting out with music theory, or are ready to take the next step – this is the software for you.

Your fretboard, customised your way

Choose your notes, set your capo, adjust your tuning. Configure everything to your liking. Includes a bass fretboard and left-handed mode.

Seamlessly transcribe between piano and guitar

Play a note on the keyboard to instantly see where it is in your chords and on your fretboard. Find notes using a straight-forward colour coding system, with audio and visual feedback for every note you play.

AudioTheory Guitars is available now

Priced at $6.99, this includes all features and future updates.