AudioTheory Grids
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The AudioTheory range expands with the release of AudioTheory Grids – software that combines intuitive music theory tools with the power of a grid-based sequencer. It's priced at $6.99 and is available to purchase on Steam, the Mac App Store or directly from us (via Gumroad).
AudioTheory Grids screenshot
So what is AudioTheory Grids?
It's music theory software with extensive options for building a composition on a grid layout. Input notes as desired and then play them back across the piano and fretboard diagrams.

There's a whole bunch of options for customising the grid, as well as preset sounds for playback and an accompanying drum grid. These work alongside tools built around visually explaining how a melody or piece of music is constructed, helping you understand the workings of your composition.
AudioTheory Grids screenshot
This is primarily achieved using an intuitive colour-coding system that is shared between the grid, piano and fretboard. This makes it easy to translate between all three! Additional features, such as the ability to construct a grid around a specific scale (and completely exclude the undesired notes) makes it easy to construct new melodies that sound great.
AudioTheory Grids screenshot
So should I get this or AudioTheory Guitars?
AudioTheory Guitars contains a bunch of guitar-specific features such as chord sheets and a fullscreen fretboard. If you're not a guitar player then Grids focus on composition means it's probably the software for you! If you are a guitar player then both applications are designed to complement each other – with shared principles such as the colour-coding system. If you already own AudioTheory Guitars then Grids is a great piece of software to check out next!
AudioTheory Grids screenshot
And how do updates work?
Both pieces of software are fully supported and receive free updates with new features and improvements.
AudioTheory Grids screenshot
Okay, I'm convinced. Where do I download it?
AudioTheory Grids is available to purchase on Steam (Windows and Mac OS) the Mac App Store (Mac) or directly from AudioTheory (fulfilled via Gumroad).

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