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AudioTheory Piano Keys Update Log

1.5.0 – 4th April 2024

–Custom colours can now be loaded from Colours.ini file

–Fixed an application error if attempting to play low notes outside of the supported octave range

1.4.3 – 3rd October 2023

–Steam overlay support

–Engine upgrade

–Fix for Roman numerals on scale wheel when no scale was selected
–Tick icon now only shows when chord is played from user input (and not from button press)
–Fix for tick icon not showing the first time a chord was played

1.4.2 – 26th February 2023

–Sharp and flat notes for pentatonic and blues scales now correctly display relative to the corresponding major scale

–Engine upgrade

–Fixed a bug with the note match mini game not correctly working with the scale note selector

1.4.1 – 17th January 2021

–Engine upgrade

–Fix for scale intervals not displaying correctly
–Fix for highlighting colour obscuring note names on scale
–Logo no longer vanishes on M1 MacBook when fullscreen mode is active
–File browser support now working on M1 Macs
–Fix for diminished scales not loading correctly from the scale library

1.4.0 – 20th November 2021

–Options to choose between 37, 49, 61, 76 and 88 keyboard sizes
–New toggles for UI elements
–Additional sounds for the new lower and higher notes
–MIDI support for out of range notes
–Extended output octave range (this can now be set between -2 and +2)

–Direct press on chord diagrams now plays back using the main instrument preset

–Fix for fullscreen size on new Macbook Pro laptops
–Fix for re-ordered chord positions not saving

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1.3.0 – 23rd October 2021

–Variable render rate to optimise application CPU usage
–New system to poll QWERTY input
–Application run in background option added in
–Miscellaneous performance adjustments

–Sustain effect revision for non ASIO playback
–Application no longer runs in background as default
–ASIO volume revision

–Crash fix for exiting application after changing certain ASIO settings

1.2.0 – 15th October 2021

–ASIO support for Windows
–Improved latency options for Mac and Linux
–Velocity playback for MIDI input

–Adjusted playback volume for chords
–Adjusted instrument mix so volume is more consistent between different effects

–Fix for re-mapping hold button
–Ear Training notes now play for the duration of the mouse press

1.1.0 – 2nd October 2021

–New MIDI input system for faster highlighting times
–Uncompressed audio data for faster audio playback times
–Link to User Guide added to application settings
–Quit button added to application settings

–The scale wheel now plays using the selected instrument preset
–Adjusted the scale highlighting process to resolve a slight flicker if rapid note changes were made
–Engine upgrade

–A loaded preset name hides on the wheel-only view
–Fixed a scenario where note names would not update on application load
–Fix for Real-time Scale Highlighting 'auto' mode not correctly refreshing when chords were not being automatically loaded with a scale preset
–Fixed a couple of issues with the diminished scales
–Scale library now correctly refreshes for all tab combinations
–Fix for text overlap when the options cog was open during certain points in the Ear Training exercises

Version 1.0.0 – 21st September 2021

Initial release of AudioTheory Piano Keys