Available for MacOS and Windows
The ultimate interactive tool for piano chords and scales

AudioTheory Piano Keys is interactive software designed to give you audio and visual feedback on what you're playing, as you're playing it. Customise your view using an extensive library of chords and scales that react to every note you play.

A new invention: The Scale Wheel

Understand scales using an innovative circular diagram where each note is spaced at a relative interval and your root note stays at a fixed position.

Realtime Scale Highlighting

View the scale for every note as you play it, relative to your main song key. The perfect tool for improvising, this helps you find the next right note that 'fits' your composition.

Key features:

  • An innovative highlighting system to quickly understand how the notes you're playing fit into chords and scales.
  • Full MIDI input support. Connect your external MIDI input device to control the on-screen keyboard. Input is supported by real-time audio and visual highlighting with a selection of software instrument presets.
  • Exclude notes and never play out of key again. Quickly load a scale from a full library of scale sets.
  • Choose the chords for your composition from an extensive library. Or automatically display the chords relevant to the selected scale preset.
  • Introducing the scale wheel. A brand-new invention for AudioTheory Piano Keys. The scale preset highlights on a circular diagram, giving a clear visual way to understand how a scale is structured relative to its root note.
  • Ear Training exercises to help you understand and identify music by ear.

AudioTheory Piano Keys is available now

Priced at $6.99, this includes all features and future updates.