Available for MacOS and Windows
Music theory meets the power of the grid

A new piece of software that combines intuitive music theory tools with the power of a grid-based sequencer. Customise your grid, program in a composition and then play it back on the piano and guitar fretboard diagrams.

Keep to the beat

Build drum grids that sync to your composition playback plus powerful tools to chain together sets of grids.

A global note-highlighting system

Seamlesly move your composition between piano, grid and guitar fretboard with a universal colour coding system.

Key features:

  • Real-time playback across the keyboard and fretboard simultaneously.
  • A comprehensive set of input tools – cycle through multiple grids and quickly swap between arrangements during playback.
  • Drum grids with a selection of preset sounds.
  • Quickly save and load compositions to and from the grid.
  • Exclude notes or load a scale preset directly to the grid.
  • An intuitive colour-coding system to identify notes across different mediums.
  • Left-handed mode, shifted tunings, customisable grid highlighting options. Choose between guitar and bass fretboard diagrams.

AudioTheory Grids is available now

Priced at $6.99 (USD), this includes all features and future updates.