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AudioTheory Grids Update Log

1.5.0 – 4th April 2024

–Custom colours can now be loaded from Colours.ini file

–Fixed an application error if attempting to play low notes outside of the supported octave range

1.4.2 – 4th October 2023

–Steam overlay support

–Engine upgrade

1.4.1 – 1st March 2023

–Sharp and flat notes for pentatonic and blues scales now correctly display relative to the corresponding major scale

–Engine upgrade

–Fixed an issue with the drum grid when using ASIO for audio playback
–Fixed an issue shifting the note grid up or down when using ASIO for audio playback

1.4.0 – 7th May 2022

–Options to choose between 37, 49, 61, 76 and 88 keyboard sizes
–Additional sounds for the new lower and higher notes
–MIDI support for out of range notes
–Extended output octave range (this can now be set between -2 and +2)

–Relative intervals can now display as either numbers or roman numerals
–Engine upgrade

–Fix for fullscreen size on new Macbook Pro laptops
–Relative note names for pentatonic and blues scales now reference the appropriate major scale
–Fix for scale intervals not displaying correctly
–Logo no longer vanishes on M1 Macs when fullscreen mode is active
–File browser support now working on M1 Macs
–Bug fix for modal scales not saving between sessions

1.3.0 – 29th October 2021

–ASIO support for Windows
–Improved latency options for Mac and Linux
–Audio data is now supplied uncompressed for faster audio playback times
–Velocity playback for MIDI input
–Variable render rate to optimise application CPU usage
–New system to poll QWERTY input
–Application run in background option added in
–Miscellaneous performance adjustments

–Sustain effect revision for non ASIO playback
–Application no longer runs in background as default
–Adjusted instrument mix so volume is more consistent between different effects
–All settings moved into the options popup
–New input system with improved highlighting response time when using a MIDI device
–Fretboard highlighting now operates independently of the keyboard output octave
–Engine upgrade

1.2.0 – 24th September 2021

–Chromatic highlighting
–New scale library
–New octave selector
–Dim scale presets now included
–MIDI input octave
–24 fret view option
–Note highlighting delay options
–'More settings' options popup
–Per-string guitar tuning settings
–Relative note naming (movable do solfège and roman numerals)
–DSP latency settings
–Improved MIDI response for highlighting
–Optimisations to note press and app button functionality

–A new button on the scale selector for playback looping
–Lock to scale now defaults to 'Yes'
–Layout of chord library updated to match new scale library

–Modal scale backgrounds now correctly update in the mini popup
–Fix for lines not correctly transposing when shifted up or down
–Fix for a display bug where icons in the bottom left would incorrectly overlay at a reduced width
–Sustain state now correctly saves
–Fix for colour overlap when two notes next to each other were both pressed
–Application now properly checks to resize if swapping from a 16:9 windowed to 16:10 fullscreen view
–Fix for highlighting issue when using MIDI and QWERTY input together

1.1.4 – 25th April 2021

–Bug fix for an issue where the app could unexpectedly crash if all notes were removed from the selector

1.1.3 – 28th January 2021

–Scale preset now updates if manually set

–Fixed mute button for playback grid
–The grey-out effect has been made uniform across the relative scale highlighting notes
–The sustain button state now correctly saves between sessions

1.1.2 – 8th December 2020

–Save/ load retains file name and last saved location

–Engine upgrade

–Bug fix for scales not reloading correctly

1.1.1 – 6th December 2020

–Fixed an issue with scale presets refreshing

1.1.0 – 5th December 2020

–Relative fretboard highlighting
–Option to display notes using Fixed Do solfège

–Priority of global and exact playback has been reversed (exact playback is now default)

1.0.2 – 30th November 2020

–Mini scale-selector fixed

1.0.1 – 28th November 2020

–Engine upgrade and fix for Mac OS Big Sur

Version 1.0.0 – 25th September 2020

Initial release of AudioTheory Grids