AudioTheory Piano Keys
Arriving 24th September 2021

AudioTheory Piano Keys title
I'm very excited to announce that AudioTheory Piano Keys will be arriving on the September 24th 2021. It will be available to purchase directly (via Gumroad) on Steam and the Mac OS AppStore, and as with the other pieces of AudioTheory software it will be priced at $6.99.

It's available for preorder on Gumroad, or if you'd prefer the Steam version then now's the perfect time to add it to your wishlist, this way Steam will send you an email reminder when it's available.
AudioTheory Piano Keys E Major GIF
Following on from AudioTheory Guitars, this new piece of software is designed to help you learn or improve at the piano with a set of interactive tools. These make it easy and intuitive to understand chords, scales, and how the music you're playing works.
AudioTheory Piano Keys C Minor GIF

AudioTheory Piano Keys features:

barre chord note playback