AudioTheory Guitars – 1.7.0
Exact Chord Playback + Scale Playback Update

Exact chord playback
AudioTheory Guitars version 1.7.0 includes a few miscellaneous bug fixes and two brand new features – exact chord playback and play buttons on the full screen scale selector to preview how each scale sounds.
Playback gif F chord
Exact Chord Playback

Version 1.5.0 introduced ‘octave fretboard playback’, allowing for note highlighting at the specific octave on the fretboard. This has been extended to cover chords, and renamed in the settings simply to 'playback' to reflect this change. The two options for this work as follows:


All instances of a pressed note are highlighted across the diagrams


The specific instance of a note is highlighted across the diagrams. For the keyboard/ fretboard this will be the note at the selected octave. For chords, this is the note at the point it is played within the chord. This is great for understanding exactly how a chord is to be played, as you can use the 'play' button net to each chord to see an exact visual representation of it highlighted on the fretboard.
scale payback gif
Scale Playback

There is now a play button next to each scale preview on the fullscreen scale selector. Press this and the set of scale notes will play through in order, providing an audio preview for how the scale sounds.
C chord exact
All updates are free for owners of AudioTheory Guitars. If you purchased directly then you can download the latest version from your Gumroad account. For Steam users, new updates can be downloaded through the Steam client.

For new customers, you will be purchasing and downloading the latest version.
barre chord note playback