AudioTheory Piano Keys – 1.4.0
88 Key Update

AudioTheory Piano Keys 88 keys title
A new version of AudioTheory Piano Keys is now available. Version 1.4.0 adds in support for multiple keyboard sizes all the way up to a full size 88 key piano.
AudioTheory Piano Keys 88 key screenshot

88 Keys

By default AudioTheory Piano Keys still starts out with the 37 key view. This can then be adjusted form the options popup, where you can select between 37, 49, 61, 76 and 88 keyboard size options.
AudioTheory Piano Keys 88 key options
Depending on the keyboard size, you will notice that in order to fit the wider length keyboards, parts of the interface will be automatically hidden. These can be brought back to overlay on top of the keyboard as required by using the icons that sit in their place.
AudioTheory Piano Keys

Additional changes

The majority of other changes making their way into this update are here to support the new range of keyboard sizes:

Toggles for UI elements . The scale highlighting config. (middle right), the mode selector (bottom right) and the note selector (bottom left) can all now be toggled independently . For the smaller keyboard sizes this gives better flexibility on what information you're seeing on screen, and for the larger sizes it's a requirement to allow the full length of the keyboard to display.

Additional sounds (for the lower and higher notes). Again, this is predominantly for 88 key support, but it means that new notes are available in other contexts too. It also accounts for the increased file size of this update.

MIDI support for out of range notes . For example, if you connect an 88 key MIDI controller but are using the 37 key view, you will still get audio feedback from the notes not on screen.

Extended output octave range . This covers the extended range of available notes, and can now be set between between -2 and +2.

You might also notice that the application logo is now a slightly different shade of blue. Long story short, the intention has always been for the AudioTheory applications to be variations on the same logo; the same shape but with some form of notable difference.

However, the variation for AudioTheory Piano Keys was achieved by using a different background, rather than the fill colour inside the logo itself (with the darker logo 'popping out' from the lighter background). What this means was in contexts where the logo was used without the background (typically as just an icon) it ended up looking the same as the AudioTheory Guitars logo. This change ensures a visible difference in all situations.
All updates are free for owners of AudioTheory Guitars. If you purchased directly then you can download the latest version from your Gumroad account. For Steam users, new updates can be downloaded through the Steam client.

For new customers, you will be purchasing and downloading the latest version.
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