AudioTheory Guitars – 1.8.0
Shifted Tunings Update

AudioTheory Guitars custom tuning
AudioTheory Guitars version 1.8.0 introduces shifted guitar tunings. This means the fretboard and chord diagrams can now display relative to any systematic increases or decrease of standard E tuning, with an option to lower (or 'drop') the 6th string as required.
AudioTheory Guitars custom tuning
Shifted tunings means support for any tuning where all the strings are tuned by the the same interval relative to E tuning (EADGBE). Combined with the option to lower the 6th string (as in Drop D, Drop C tuning etc...) this means a total of 24 tuning options.

In terms of using these new tunings, they can be found in the 'guitars' tab in the settings. As for chords, open chords are still selected by relative chord shape (not sound) from the mini pop-up. I'm looking at options to choose by both in a future update.
AudioTheory Guitars capo setting
So what else is new?

Well, there's a new and improved method for setting a capo. Now you can click on the desired number on the fretboard and... ta-da! When a capo is applied there is a new capo icon that appears below the open strings that can be used to remove it. At least for now the existing plus/ minus selector still exists (although relegated to the settings cog) however I'm thinking about removing it in the future.

I'm also pleased to report that numerous code optimisations go live with this latest update, in part to support the new tuning settings and in part to improve general performance of the application. I pleased to inform you that AudioTheory Guitars is running better than ever.
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For new customers, you will be purchasing and downloading the latest version.
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