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AudioTheory Guitars Update Log

2.0.0 – 24th September 2021

–New application themes
–Minimalist mode
–Chromatic highlighting
–New scale library
–New octave selector
–Dim scale presets now included

–A new button on the scale selector for playback looping
–Lock to scale now defaults to 'Yes'
–Layout of chord library updated to match new scale library
–MIDI offset replaced with MIDI input octave

–Modal scale backgrounds now correctly update in the mini popup
–Sustain state now correctly saves
–The preset name cross no longer shows in some scenarios when a preset was not loaded
–Fix for colour overlap when two notes next to each other were both pressed

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1.18.2 – 30th August 2021

–Fixed inverted fretboard option
–Adjusted bass guitar background position
–Fixed display for 24 fret and bass view combination

1.18.1 – 25th August 2021

–Reverted to the original set of default chords
–Sharpness on fret numbers fixed
–Click and drag chords now works with slide out menu expanded
–Application now properly checks to resize if swapping from a 16:9 windowed to 16:10 fullscreen view
–Dim chords no longer show the '(no capo)' label if their start position is higher than the capo
–Fix for incompatibility between exact root note option and power/ barre chords with capo
1.18.0 – 19th August 2021

–24 fret view option
–Improved selector for open chords
–New sharp/ flat open chord shapes
–Note highlighting delay options
–Options to select a relative position or exact root note for chords + capo

–The default MIDI offset is now 0 (instead of +2)
–Per-string tuning settings have been moved into the options popup
–New sets of 'quick load' chords

–Fix for issue where capo background circles would not highlight correctly
–Fixed a couple of dim chord positions
–Fix for highlighting issue when using MIDI and QWERTY input together
–Corrected sharp/ flat display error for fixed do

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1.17.1 – 22nd July 2021

–Fix for MIDI input playback
1.17.0 – 9th July 2021

–Click and drag to reorder chords
–Relative note naming (movable do solfège and roman numerals)
–DSP latency settings
–Improved MIDI response for highlighting
–Optimisations to note press and app button functionality

–App now launches in windowed mode as default (once it's been run once it will continue to load using the last used resolution settings)

–The saved file name is no longer displayed if the save dialogue box is cancelled
–Fix for scale highlighting overlapping with note selection box at reduced application widths
–The 'set from chords' button now updates to a specific scale preset if a match is found
–Fixed a bug where one of the Grapefruit synth high C notes played at the wrong octave

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1.16.1 – 20th June 2021

–Options popup remains centred regardless of window size
–Options popup bg has been resizes
1.16.0 – 17th May 2021

–New settings popup
–Option to turn on/ off the 'auto load chords with scale' feature
–New save/ load icons
–Improved MIDI support
–MIDI debug message
–Indicator for the current scale in the mini-selector has been added in
–Mini selector automatically opens to the tab for the current scale set

–Main keyboard octave is now unlinked from MIDI input
–Keyboard overlay type is now in the application settings
–The scale tab selector now remembers its last used position

–Fixed an issue with the fade background when selecting a capo value
–Fixed a bug where the file name 'cross' button would display when no preset was loaded

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1.15.0 – 5th March 2021

–Auto load chords with scale presets

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1.14.0 – 18th January 2021

–Extended barre and power chord library
–Reworked 'Quick Select' popout and fullscreen chord selector for barre and power chords
–New 'cycle chord' button to swap between chord shapes
–Alt. F and B open chord shapes
–Alt. shapes for all open Major 7th guitar chords
–The loaded preset file name now displays in light grey above the fretboard
–Scale preset now updates if manually set

–The sustain button state now correctly saves between sessions
–Fixed a display bug on the menu slide out icon hover state.
–The grey-out effect has been made uniform across the relative scale highlighting notes
–Display bug when re-pressing the current chord selector tab has been fixed
–Dim7 chord shapes reviewed and corrected (including fix for alternate tunings)
–Open string display on power chords revised

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1.13.2 – 8th December 2020

–Save/ load retains file name and last saved location
–Chord names now auto update to display as sharp/ flat relative to the scale preset

–Engine upgrade

–Bug fix for scales not reloading correctly
–Bug fix for Dim7 chord state not always saving between session
1.13.1 – 6th December 2020

–Fixed an issue with scale presets refreshing
1.13.0 – 5th December 2020

–Relative fretboard and chord highlighting
–Option to display notes using Fixed Do solfège
–New button to auto set scale from chords

–Priority of global and exact playback has been reversed (exact playback is now default)

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1.12.2 – 30th November 2020

–Mini scale-selector fixed

1.12.1 – 28th November 2020

–Engine upgrade and fix for Mac OS Big Sur
1.12.0 – 5th September 2020

–Scale based highlighting – piano note highlighting is extended to the black keys and displays relative to the currently selected scale
–Note overlay names now also display as a sharp or flat relative to the selected scale
– 'Invert fretboard' option in the settings.
–Second keyboard playback mode where each note is assigned a key sequentially
–Two new synth presets

–Acoustic guitar preset sounds revised

–Improved playback latency

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1.11.1 – 13th June 2020

–Optimisations to reduce application file size
–Minor splash screen revision

–Fixed a bug with chord shape names not showing when an alternate tuning is used
–Left and right scrolling now correctly works on dim7 fullscreen chord sheet in 4:3 aspect ratio
1.11.0 – 27th May 2020

–Diminished 7 Chords with popup selector and fullscreen sheet
–Cycle display for dim7 plus sharp and flat chords
–Note playback duration and sustain effect option
–Quick select for modal scales
–Play/ pause button alternates display icon on fullscreen scale playback
–The flat glyph icon is now used across the application

–Streamlined mute button
–Position of 'no chord' button' in popup moved to accommodate extra tab
–Code optimisations to reduce application RAM usage and filesize

–Fixed an issue where the top-left scale preview did not play properly
–Fixed a bug where elements in the fold-out menu could be pressed through the chord box

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Version 1.10.0 – 6th April 2020

–Modal scales added to fullscreen scale selector
–Option to loop scale playback

–Existing scale diagramds now display over one octave

–Bug with note icons not displaying correctly

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Version 1.9.0 – 2nd March 2020

–Fullscreen fretboard view mode
–Per-string level tuning

–Removed capo setting from options cog (capo is now only set by pressing the numbers on the fretboard)

–Horizontal scroll icons no longer show on fullscreen chord and scale diagrams on 16:10 monitors
–Fixed a high C note on the fretboard playing two ocataves at the same time

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Version 1.8.2 – 4th February 2020

–Additional aspect ratio support
–Available notes move into popup at reduced width

–Display of chord shape when using a capo fixed
–Fixed a display issue with the button background when selecting the already-loaded tuning

Version 1.8.1 – 26th January 2020

–Fixed an issue introduced in 1.8.0 where greyed-out notes would not correctly save between sessions
Version 1.8.0 – 25th January 2020

–Shifted guitar tunings
–Capo quick select
–Chord display and note highlighting optimisations

–Seperate button to drop 6th string

–Bmaj.7 chord fixed
–Keyboard outline/ grey-out overlap fixed

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Version 1.7.2 – 8th January 2020

–Background load for fullscreen chord & scale sheets (speeds up application load time)

–Removed a warning message that appeared in macOS Catalina
Version 1.7.1 – 3rd January 2020

–Another OSX specific fix to ensure presets save correctly with additional Mac security requirements
Version 1.7.0 – 2nd January 2020

–Play button next to each scale on fullscreen scale selector to play/ preview scales
–Chords now highlight at the exact position on fretboard when using octave playback mode

–Chord and scale injection commits on button unpress (instead of press) allowing you to cancel selection by moving off the button during press
–'Fretboard Playback' renamed to 'Playback' in options cog as it now encompasses chords. 'Octave' option renamed to 'Exact'.

–Misc. chord fixes and adjustments
–Fixed an issue with a missing note when swapping from C7sus to certain other chord shapes
–Scale names now correctly save and load through presets

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Version 1.6.1 – 18th December 2019

–Fixed an issue where saving a preset would crash the application (Mac only)
Version 1.6.0 – 15th December 2019

–Options to save and load presets in .txt format

–'Tuning' options tab renamed to 'guitars', splitting out general settings config. and guitars config. into two options tabs

–Fixed an issue with note grey-out not working when loading the application with a bass fretboard + capo and then reducing the capo value
–Fixed a display issue with the box line length when using a A# Bb minor or B minor scale preset

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Version 1.5.0 – 8th December 2019

–Drop D and drop Db tuning options
–Revised power and open chord diagrams for drop D tunings
–Csus2 chords (in place of barre chords) for drop D tunings
–Option for piano/ fretboard playback to only highlight notes in the relevant octave
–The open/ closed state of the settings cog now saves between sessions

–Tuning options moved into separate options tab

–Disabled chord state now persists through tuning change
–Open E string for C9 chord updated from high E to low E
–Fixed a bug with the 'locked to scale' state not correctly saving between sessions

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Version 1.4.0 – 1st December 2019

–Pentatonic and Blues scale presets
–New quick select scale popup
–Fullscreen scale selector
–Cog toggle to hide and show options
–Option to completely hide (instead 'grey-out') notes that are excluded from the scale
–Keyboard option state for controlling the onscreen piano now saves between sessions

–Display issue where a chord popup was opened when the scale popup was already open
–Note highlighting now correctly works on barre and power chord fullscreen sheets
–Fixed an issue with out of scale notes not correctly greying out on barre and power chord fullscreen sheets
–Fixed an issue with chord playback when using certain barre and power chords plus a capo

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Version 1.3.0 – 24th November 2019

–Support for power and barre chords (chord sheets plus quick select)
–Chord quick load options added to slide-out menu
–Chord selection tabs on quick select popup and chord sheets screen

–Loading the default chord set is now achieved by selecting the 'open chords' quick load option, replacing the the 'reset chord' option

–Issues with keyboard alignment

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Version 1.2.1 – 19th November 2019

–Fretboard now accuratly plays notes in Eb tuning
–Chords correctly update on load when both a capo and Eb tuning are used
–Relative chord position indicator text is now better spaced on longer chord names
Version 1.2.0 – 17th November 2019

–Fullscreen chord selector with mini-piano. Loaded from 'All Chords' button added to the chord select popup.
–Slide-out chords option menu
–Fullscreen chord note chart

–Position of chord playback button has been moved to make space for the slide-out menu icon
–Existing chord select options changed to 'quick select' chord select from the popup
–Chord reset button (which loads a set of 7 common open chords to the chord box) has been moved to an item in the slide-out menu

–Chord data comes pre-loaded (as opposed to being generated on start) to speed up application load time

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Version 1.1.0 – 10th November 2019

–Chord and fretboard note playback

–Improved audio system for playing multiple notes at the same time or in rapid succession

–Position of scale preset title
–Minor chord fixes
–Note greyout update fix when swapping cappo and between guitar/ bass fretboards

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Version 1.0.0 – 1st November 2019

Initial release of AudioTheory Guitars